naturally curious


My name is Michelle Hagen. I'm a curious and passionate UX & UI designer from Minneapolis, MN.

Currently, I'm updating my site but here are a few teasers hold you over. Updates coming soon! 


Code42 product suite redesign

I was tasked with updating all Code42 web applications to have a unified navigation system and updated UI. Because Code42's Administration Console had the most functionality and the most user experience issues, I started there. While building the new navigation and design system, I applied it to SharePlan, their developing file, sync and share product. 

My role:

  • Interview internal departments (Support, Professional Services and Sales) to gain feedback on user frustration, satisfaction and demands.
  • Collaborate closely with product management, engineering and QA to ensure we are building a valuable, friendly and easy to use solution.
  • Research and analysis to influence creation.
  • Built an experience that allows for styles and patterns to be shared across applications for consistency in brand and design language.
  • Implement new unified navigation and UI for all Code42 web applications.

Administration Console

The Code42's legacy Administration Console had become bloated and cumbersome over it's building years. It proved very difficult for our customers to learn and manage without attending a week long in-person series of training sessions. With no set timeline or direction, I started interviewing, analyzing, documenting, thinking and creating. As a result of continuous progression, collaboration and iteration, a unified solution was implemented. This included improved navigation, streamlined IA and a cohesive brand experience. Because the product was new to me in the beginning, I was driven to research, dissect and understand what was going on so I could make well informed decisions to propose an improved solution.


Poor user experience
Poor IA
Complicated work flow
Old technology

IT admins
System admins

Clean interface
Easy to use
Smart IA
Define a unified navigation pattern


Old UI:


Content audit, analysis and user flows:


Internal interviews and external research:


Proposed a simplified sitemap:


From sketching to lo-fidelity to hi-fidelity wireframes


To final UI:


SharePlan redesign

Redesigned Code42's file, sync and share product, SharePlan. This was originally built as a POC within the engineering team and once the product was ready to expand, it was handed to the product team. This product adopted a design language I was developing for all Code42 products.


Poor user experience
Outdated look
Poor use of colors
Goes against many brand rules

Customer's end users

Cleaner interface
Easy to use
Clearer transitions
Inline with product branding