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Pioneer Press UI update

Side project to concept a UX/UI refresh for the Pioneer Press mobile app.


Pioneer Press UI update

Concept project—UX/UI refresh for the Pioneer Press mobile app.



An exploration in updating a poor user experience within the Pioneer Press news app. I uncovered and defined the glaring issues up front. This experiment was to see how I can achieve a quick win without doing a heavy overhaul. The main issues I focused on were:

  • A lot of information with little hierarchy
  • Advertising creates a cumbersome and invasive experience
  • Navigation is not consistent 
  • Swiping can take user to an unknown space


Once the problems were defined, I laid out goals I wanted to achieve when exploring ideas for improvement. This gave me a central place to refer back to and make sure I’m building on the right track. My goals were:

  • Easy to use
  • Central place for browsing
  • Non invasive advertising 
  • Clear hierarchy for easy browsing and reading
  • Clean interface with easy transitions 


After design was completed, I created a walkthrough document that called out the updated functionality within the new design. This process allows a client to sign off on functional changes with the appropriate explanation around what is going on. A document like this is also beneficial for developers and other internal stakeholders to have background insight on why a change is being made or what the intended functionality would be. I find this approach beneficial as I want to make sure there is no miscommunication and confusion as the concepts are getting passed around. 

PP_Walkthrough screens.png


Built an Invision prototype to review the design and new feature concepts.